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Our Philosophy

here's what we're going for...

Taula Fresh Mediterranean Food, a uniquely concise concept, first opened in the heart of the Arts and Entertainment District.  Not your typical fast-casual restaurant, Taula is the first to serve high-quality mediterranean food at affordable prices. The menu is designed so that each customer can create their own experience, mixing and matching to their personal taste.  Taula aims to alter people’s perception of Mediterranean cuisine by offering only select menu items that customers would understand and enjoy. “We offer a simple menu with lots of complex flavors to create a welcoming experience,” says Ignacio Garcia, the  partner in charge of overseeing the restaurant operations.

Customers first choose either a box or a freshly baked Laffa Bread, and then fill it up with a selection of impeccably displayed meats, vegetables, and grains.  Start with a bed of Spiced Veggie Rice made of ground cauliflower for a low-carb selection, and fill it up with Classic Tabbouleh, Specialty Hummus, and Fresh Tzaziki.  Shawarma Beef with oregano, olive oil, and coriander spins slowly on the spit, until you order up a fresh sliced portion of its delicately charred meat, glistening with the natural juices of the sweet onion that was spinning above.  Döner Chicken is also offered, hot and juicy, seasoned with lime and paprika.  For the vegetarians, an oven roasted eggplant delights with a coat of authentic Za’atar spices.  House made sauces top off the dish with a spicy Harissa or Zhoug, or the milder selections of Turmeric Garlic and Beet Cilantro.  The ingredients vary in origin – the premium tahini used is imported from Israel, and is used to make their famous Hummus as well as the Tahini Cocoa Cookies. Everything at Taula, including the dough of the bread, is made from scratch daily emphasizing that freshness is key. Every member of the kitchen staff understands the importance of quality, and the integrity of real ingredients. They taste all of the bases, proteins and toppings before any of the customers do. If something does not taste good, they make it from scratch again. “It’s not about specific measurements.  I tell them to taste it until it is perfect.  I wouldn’t serve anything that I wouldn’t eat,” says Jose De Leon, the head chef and creative force behind the cuisine.

Taula currently has locations in both Downtown Miami and Pinecrest with plans to expand to other greater Miami Area enclaves in the near future.

Our People

the brains behind the operation...

De Leon and Garcia met in Guatemala and found they shared a passion for good food. Three years ago, they felt that Miami was missing a simple yet delicious Mediterranean restaurant that would appeal to different ages and dietary lifestyles. Only in their mid-twenties, De Leon and Garcia took initiative on their entrepreneurial dream, and intend to leave a mark on Miami’s culinary sector. Based on a “Fresh-casual” concept with a clean but cozy ambiance, Taula was modeled with a vision of various locations replicated nationwide.

Taula comes from the word “Tawila” in Arabic, meaning table. To De Leon and Garcia, the feeling of sitting at a table with good food with family, friends or significant others is one of the pleasures in life. They found that Taula perfectly matched the sense of community and trendiness the Arts and Entertainment District embodies, and decided that it was there where their idea would come to life.

“A colorful and clean presentation of our food is key at Taula,” says Garcia.      

“But it has to taste just as good as it looks,” adds De Leon.